No mess, no pills, just relief + love.

What are Beloved Packs?

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Utterly wonderful-!!
I depend on this pack to ease back pain and as a hot water bottle. I recently bought a second one and will order several for warming gifts.
Using rice as the filler is perfect !!

Beloved flowers and more flowers!!

Love it! I have been using it cold so far since it’s summertime. It is awesome as an ice pack! Holds the temp for a long time and doesn’t sweat like other ice packs. I’m sure it will be equally awesome as a hot pack.


I absolutely love my pack - it works really well, is very well made, is wonderful for helping warm me up enough to fall asleep on cold nights - and it has been stolen by my brother for his shoulder. So I've ordered two more because I want mine back!


Simple tool + Simple message.

Our easy to use hot + cold therapy packs are a reminder that you are dearly loved.