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What are Beloved Packs?

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We make gift giving easy.

A Beloved Packs is a thoughtful gift that says, "I love you". They are perfect for your next: baby shower, house warming party, wedding, birthday party, visit to a loved one in the hospital, graduation celebration, a friend who needs some encouragement - or just to add to your self-care toolbox.


I have tried to make my own rice pack before and there was always rice all over the place. This bag is well made, stylish and so easy to use while such an affordable price. It’s the perfect shape for neck pain and cramps relief so far. What a great purchase!

Just A Cramps-A-Lot

Love it! I have been using it cold so far since it’s summertime. It is awesome as an ice pack! Holds the temp for a long time and doesn’t sweat like other ice packs. I’m sure it will be equally awesome as a hot pack.


I received two Beloved Packs as a gift. The fabric is adorable and soft. They are made with love and care and it shows. I had a great experience using these for many things. Most recently, I used the neck pack to help bring down my painfully inflamed lymph nodes. I read that warm compresses help bring down the inflammation so I put on the neck pack several times for two days and I felt instant relief every time. This helped a busy mom get through the holidays!


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