About Beloved Packs



In 2016, Vida created her line of reusable hot + cold therapy packs, Beloved Packs, as a simple and effective tool for pain and stress relief, and bonus, a great gift for family and friends.

Her overall mission is to create welcoming spaces and experiences that encourage people to heal and flourish no matter their circumstances. Using Beloved Packs is one way to combat daily stress, minor aches, and pains; an easy self-care practice that contributes to healing and recovery, a reminder you are beloved.

No mess, no pills, just relief + love.






How do they work?

Great question! These reusable rice packs help to increase circulation when warmed up and reduce inflammation when used cold.

Pop them in the microwave for soothing warmth or in the freezer for cool relief and place on any nonsensitive area of the body.  

Use for: menstrual cramps, muscle tension, sprains, strains, joint stiffness, postpartum care, arthritis, swollen lymph nodes, cystic acne, and more.