About Beloved Packs


Welcome friend,

Vida here (means “beloved one” in Hebrew) and creator of Beloved Packs. I first started making rice packs in 2014 as Christmas gifts for family and friends, they are very simple and effective tools for pain and stress relief. When you warm them up, the heat increases circulation, allowing protein and oxygen in the blood to heal and repair. When you use them cold, they are able reduce painful inflammation.

Yet, the Beloved Pack story has more layers. I have long desired to create spaces that bring comfort, peace, and relief, especially for women and people of color due to the amount of stress associated with all the 'isms' out there. They call stress the silent killer. Black women are literally dying at higher rates of preventable diseases than any other people group in the U.S. One of the roots of this crisis is STRESS.

Using a Beloved Pack is one of the ways you can combat stress and contribute to the healing process. They are reminders to both give and receive love that heals, it's better than any drug. You are beloved.